Lacto 3



Lacto 3 is delicious vanilla flavored growing up milk for children 1- 3 years of age.

Lacto 3 is nutritional high energy formula (every 100 ml gives 105 kcal) that meets the increasing energy needs of growing children.

Lacto 3 is fortified with iron (12 mg/liter) to help prevent iron deficiency anemia unlike cow’s milk which contains only 0.5 mg/ liter.

Lacto 3 contains valuable nutrients & essential elements ensuring the baby’s well being.

Lacto 3 is enriched with nucleotides that play an important role in GIT development and maturation and optimal immune function.

Lacto 3 is supplemented with selenium that acts as antioxidant to help prevent cell damage.

Lacto 3 is supplemented with calcium and vitamin D to help build stronger bones.

Lacto 3 is Suplemented with selenium that acts as antioxidant which improve the general conditions of the body,food absorption,hair growth and prevent the cell damage.