Lacto 2


Lacto 2 is infant milk powder for babies 6 – 12 months of age.
Mother’s milk is the best diet for young babies. If, however, you cannot breastfeed your baby, feed lacto1 after consulting your pediatrician.
Lacto 2 with pleasant vanilla flavor & easily digestible & well satiating food for babies from 6 –12 months of age.
Lacto 2 contains valuable nutrients & essential elements ensuring the baby’s well being.
Lacto 2 contains 75 Kcal per 100ml.
Lacto 2 contains 10 mg iron /liter to protect infants from iron deficiency unlike cow’s milk which contains approximately 0.5 mg/liter.
Lacto 2 is enriched with nucleotides that play an important role in GIT development and maturation and optimal immune function.
Lacto 2 contains carbohydrates mainly lactose, in addition to pregelatinized starch & maltodextrin.

Lacto 2 protein supplying most essential amino acids.

Lacto 2 is enriched with all essential vitamins and minerals.

Lacto 2 is supplemented with selenium that acts as anti oxidant which improve the general conditions of the body,food absorption,hair growth and also prevent the cell damage.

Important advise:

- To ensure the baby well being it is essential that the bottle and the teat are sterilized.
- The bottle should be prepared using freshly boiled water shortly before feeding only.
- Never use food left overs.