EGY CI 1 is infant formula powder for babies from birth to 12 months of age, produced by Lacto Misr for NSPO.
EGY CI 1 is a special infant formula for babies with cow milk intolerance
EGY CI 1 contains valuable nutrients & essential elements ensuring the baby’s well-being.
EGY CI 1 contains 67.7 Kcal per 100ml.
EGY CI 1 is amino acids based formula.

EGY CI 1 contains carbohydrates mainly maltodextrin

EGY CI 1 is enriched with all essential vitamins and minerals.

Important advise:

- To ensure the baby well being it is essential that the bottle and the teat are sterilized.
- The bottle should be prepared using freshly boiled water shortly before feeding only.
- Never use food left overs.